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Saturday, September 22, 2018   6:56:57 AM  
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Revelation  4 : 1
After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.
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  In Defense of the Faith
How Do You Know?
September 10, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
I like to think I am a very curious person and always have been. I can be a little obsessive-compulsive (OCD) at times, especially on topics I find intriguing (my wife can attest to that). 
Church in the Tribulation
September 07, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
For the purpose of this article "tribulation" will refer to the seven years of Daniel's 70th week. We understand that the church has always experienced tribulation. However, pretribulationists consider the entire seven years of Daniel's final week of tribulation as containing God's eschatological wrath.
On Thralls and Palestinianism
August 24, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
My wife will have conniptions over the title of this article. She comes up with suitable graphics for articles which appear our website. Often it's a challenge. But enough of her problems - here I am again ranting about one of my favorite vexing topics.
Tower Power
August 01, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
The scriptures tell us that, at the beginning, “ the whole earth had one language  and one speech”.  But we know what happened next: they decided to build a tower. Which resulted in God forcibly relocating  the people He had created, throughout the earth, and removing from them the common language.  The cool thing is that we have written records of the consequences.
I’m a Believer
July 19, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Everyone wants a ''sign''. Well, maybe not everyone. Some really do believe in God based purely on faith; but others who don’t believe, might if they just had a sign I hear this a lot, ''show me the beef''. That was me 40 years ago.
Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis Chapter 6?
Part 6: The Fallen Angels Agenda Against Jesus Christ
July 17, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Two groups attended the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In the first dimension were the physical cast: the Roman soldiers who had crucified Jesus and were gambling for His clothes (John 19:23-24); the women and the lone disciple, John (John 19:25-27); the chief priests, scribes, and elders (Matt.27:41); and a multitude of gawkers and mockers from around the region (Matt. 27:39-40).
Welcome to a New Gospel
July 13, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
It's difficult for someone like me to find new ways of expressing what I've stated many times before. Despite lack of qualification, something as important as the nature of the gospel needs to be continuously defended because it is being constantly attacked by The Enemy.
Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis Chapter 6?
Part 5: The Fallen Angels’ Agenda Against the Jews
July 10, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Up to this point in this series, I’ve presented the Biblical position that fallen angels abandoned their proper domain (Jude 1:6) in order to enter into unlawful sexual relations with human women and produce the hybrid Nephilim giants (Genesis 6:1-4). This incursion took place during the period of history leading up to The Great Flood and it was a tactical effort to comprehensively corrupt the human genome.
Militancy Misplaced
July 09, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
There are many passionate believers out in the world today. Each of us tends to find those issues we hold near and dear to our hearts and we are willing to plant our battle flags on to defend until the death. For some, it is a particular doctrine. For others, it may be a form of religious worship. Still others find smaller sub-sections within Christendom to target in on and focus their efforts on understanding or perfecting. This brief will deal with what I believe to be five non-primary doctrinal issues whose divisions have done more than harm than good to the body of Christ.
The Rapture of Enoch
July 06, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Was Enoch raptured by God? And who cares anyway?
Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis Chapter 6?
Part 4: The Fallen Angels’ Agenda Against Humans
July 03, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
I’ve done a fair bit of writing, but few topics have generated as many impassioned comments as this series. I’ve reviewed the comments I’ve directly received and those generated on various forums. While most of the readers have been very supportive, a few have been “less” so. Nothing divides like the truth of God’s Word.
Two Christianities
June 28, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them “Mankind” when they were created. Genesis 5:2 NIV
Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis Chapter 6?
Part 3: The Origin of the Sons of Seth Theory
June 26, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
In Part 2 of this article series, I looked at the meaning of the Hebrew term, b’nai Elohim as it relates to the account of Genesis 6:1-4. I paid particular attention to the original construct of this term, to its use and derivatives in other parts of Scripture, and to its consistent application and meaning. 
Misery Loves Company
June 25, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Author’s note-June 8th, 2018: This is the first article I ever wrote for the Omega Letter. Even today, I am amazed that I am still writing seven-years later, especially considering I never particularly cared for writing. Anywho, I thought of this article when I saw the news that Anthony Bourdain had hung himself in his hotel room in France today. This was the guy that every time I saw his show “Parts Unknown,” I thought, has to have the best job in the world. He gets to travel around the world on someone else’s dime, and is paid to eat, drink, and be merry…and record (journalistically) all of it. The ultimate hedonist job. 
A Today Without a Yesterday
June 20, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
The Greek philosopher Aristotle, who lived about 400 years before Christ, wrote a book entitled,  Physics which popularized his theory that the universe was eternal. (Aristotle preferred to believe that the universe was eternal because that avoided the need for a God that had created it.) He also popularized the idea that the universe was static, meaning unchanging, as well.   
Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis Chapter 6?
Part 2: Understanding the Biblical Message
June 19, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
In Part 1 of this series I stated my personal standards for teaching God’s Word, and I outlined some sound principles of proper Biblical interpretation. While various protocols for studying and interpreting the Bible can be found, I believe the responsible ones largely conform to the rationale and standards I’ve shared. 
A Pilgrim's Regress
June 15, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
A Pilgrim's Regress! - My apologies to John Bunyan's classic, The Pilgrim's Progress, and to C. S Lewis' The Pilgrim's Regress as well.
Delusions A’plenty
June 13, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Christmas of 2015 marked a turning point in American Christianity, though not many of us probably noticed.  Newsweek, which had formerly honored the holiday with a scholarly article about its origins or practice around the world, instead offered this as their holiday issue: “The Bible: So Misunderstood it’s a Sin”.
Who are the “Sons of God” in Genesis Chapter 6?
Part 1: Properly Engaging the Scriptures
June 12, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
A curious portion of Scripture is found in Genesis 6:1-4. 
The Wrath of Christ
June 08, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Talking about the Wrath of Christ isn't done in polite society. Not just in the secular sphere but also in the religious. The message constantly preached nowadays is that God is Love. There's no place for wrath. 
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
June 06, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
It was 1851, and the sleepy town of Dorchester, Massachusetts, (now a suburb of Boston) were going about there usual business when something  highly unusual happened. So unusual  in fact that, scientists, theologians, archaeologists and mystery hunters still theorize today. Though the answer stares them all in the face.
In God We Trust, Or Do We?
June 05, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
I often tell the class that I teach each Sunday, “What God repeats, we should revere.”  It’s my way of reminding all of us that we need to pay special attention to those elements of God’s Word which are divinely restated. 
O’ Prophets, Where Art Thou?
May 31, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
Thou art on television.
Some Not-So-Subtle Sermon Suggestions
May 29, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
According to a recent “Twitter survey,” the average length of a sermon anymore is about 36 minutes.  I said “average.” That means roughly half of the sermons every Sunday are shorter than that. It’s fast food for the frenzied flock.
May 23, 2018 - In Defense of the Faith
An effusive but apparently intellectually confused internet commentator who calls himself (improbably) Yukon Jack has now weighed in with forecast (and more) for the nation of Israel. Ready? “Israel is doomed, the state has no right to exist and it’s identity politics are all based on false assumption, hyperbole, and a false history of persecution. Israel floats on a sea of lies." That would be a negatory, Mr. Jack.
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