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Saturday, September 22, 2018   7:44:12 AM  
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Jerusalem UFO and Rider on a White Horse in Cairo
Posted By: RonaldPrice
2/8/2011 9:39:06 AM


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Member Comments:

The increasing frequency of articles such as this is interesting.  The videos may well be hoaxes, but the widespread interest in them is telling.

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Posted By: Kari -
Date: 2/9/2011 9:23:02 AM
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Strange, with the lights and their location.  Stranger still, that it is being presented as "not a big deal".  Wonder what we will learn in the upcoming weeks.  Thanks for bringing this out to us Ronald.

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Posted By: LovemyLORD -
Date: 2/10/2011 9:37:01 AM
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Did you guys watch the youtube video they linked.  That guy is crackers.  Unfortunately, pretty soon I think the whole world will be following these nut jobs.


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Posted By: Lou -
Date: 2/13/2011 4:20:39 PM
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Even though the UFO thing is a proven hoax we still see what so many feed on today when the occult is popular as well as mystical things that some try to mix with sound Biblical teaching, manufacturing their own Holy Spirit and another Jesus who is certainly not the Jesus of scripture. The god that Beck claims to worship is not the God of the Bible, seeing that much of the church today has fallen to that level of practicing what is false, but I do believe that people will see UFOs or lights but not at all what they think they are, just part of Gods judgment when it all comes to full maturity.

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Posted By: Tony Lisenby -
Date: 5/11/2011 2:56:03 PM
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The "Roswell crash" was in july of '47. Israel became a state in '48. Conspiracy?