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Friday, May 25, 2018   8:57:26 AM  
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And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
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Special Report: Gov't Debt 'Unsustainable'
Posted By: Noreene
5/3/2010 8:15:28 AM


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5 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 7 PrayingPraying

Member Comments:

Thank you, Ed D...I am speechless. Even though I know hard times are ahead, this is still unbelievable. Need to make a list of things to buy to survive..food, food, food. I suppose things like electricity and medicine will be luxuries. 

Lord, help us!!!

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Posted By: JanaFunkhouser -
Date: 5/3/2010 10:15:57 AM
9 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 7 PrayingPraying

Comments: Thank you Ed for this sobering but very needed report card regarding the soon coming financial tsunami. I for one have always wanted to know what is coming around the corner so that spiritual, mental and physical preparation can be made. This verse committed to memory will serve each of us well in the days to come: "I have been young, and now am old yet I have not yet seen the righteous forsaken, nor their children begging bread." (Psalm 37:25)
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Posted By: Phrank -
Date: 5/3/2010 12:51:41 PM
9 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 9 PrayingPraying


Disturbing article indeed.   Thank you Ed.

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Posted By: ShelleyMessenger -
Date: 5/3/2010 1:01:09 PM
11 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 7 PrayingPraying


Thanks Ed.

Though this is disturbing, I agree with Mr. Robinson:

" Dear children," said I, " if the Lord will, He can save us even from this fearful peril; if not, let us calmly yield our lives into His hand, and think of the joy and blessedness of finding ourselves forever and ever united in that happy home above."

Very good words.

God Bless,

Reply # 4 - ReplyTo ID: 6074

Posted By: Shack -
Date: 5/3/2010 1:38:17 PM
3 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 5 PrayingPraying


All the pieces are falling into place very quickly. The placement of a global currency to lineup the global economy makes perfect sense, and would be in place for the anti-christ. Of course, this whole mess will most likely spell the end of the US as a global power. The use of the dollar as a global currency has artificially propped up our economy for quite some time. I pray for my children and the future of this country. Scary times are ahead, but I look to the sky. Jesus come soon. Marantha!

Reply # 5 - ReplyTo ID: 6075

Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 5/5/2010 11:42:49 AM
8 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying

Comments: Thanks Ed, I'm glad I have no hope in this world but all my hope is in Jesus Christ! I will take the Rapture over living on an island but it looks to me as if what will be next is the Mark of the Beast or the Rapture. I'm betting on the Rapture, Lord come SOON!