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Tuesday, September 18, 2018   6:58:39 PM  
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Jesus was an Alien?
Posted By: ShelleyMessenger
5/11/2010 12:21:07 PM


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7 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 4 PrayingPraying

Member Comments:

Hi Becky,

This subject, and the thought of people thinking that the Christians were taken by aliens, has interested Ron and I, for a while now. Your commentary is very good. Thank you for all your research and hard work.

It seems pretty clear, that satan, would love to have people believe that his demons, or fallen angels, (who mated with the daughters of men), are aliens from another planet, or some form of a super god.  Something, seeming much more friendly. 

I believe that these fallen angels, certainly did visit earth and were trying to infect mankind, in that they could muddy up the bloodline, so that God's plan of sending His Son, would not happen. But; thank God, that He knows all things, and in His plan, Noah was a just man, and perfect in his generations.

I find it interesting, that others have documented that something like this happened, as well. Though a twisted version.

As you wrote in your commentary:

"Ancient Greek writings show their gods (or aliens as the show presents) finding women beautiful and mating with them. This communion produced demi-gods that were very powerful, exceptionally beautiful, unusually gifted and overall produced a better race of beings."

Satan was exceptionally beautiful and gifted in his deception. And still deceives.

If people would read God's Word, they would learn that God spoke about all of this, and the how and why.  But; instead, they come up with aliens visiting this planet. In some ways, they are partly right, because demons are indeed alien.

Extra terrestrials are easier for one to imagine than demons. And these, being seen as wonderful beings, taking the bad Christians away, will most likely be a good excuse for many.

God Bless,

After posting the above, I was looking up some information on Nephilim, as the subject had come up this weekend, with my daughter (Rachal).  Your commentary, Becky, reminded me to send her some info.  You may already have read this; but I thought that Jack Kelly had some good articles on the subject too. Here is the link to  "More Nephilim To Come?"

Also, ( just because I was thinking of ordering this book that I came across), I thought that I would post this link.  It is a fiction based on the Bible.  It looks pretty good.  You might already know about this.

Noah by Ellen Traylor

It seems like she goes into the Nephilim, etc.


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Posted By: PamelaSwisher -
Date: 5/11/2010 12:30:47 PM
4 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 4 PrayingPraying

Comments: Genesis 6 indicates that the fallen angels had powers that God has not permitted since the flood. When the rapture occurs, the Holy Spirit will be removed and with it, the restraint on the fallen angels. People will be easily deceived by the demonic miracles, since they would not listen to God's word before the rapture. Jesus would not perform miracles for the Pharisees because they just wanted to be titillated by a show of power by Jesus. As then, so it is now.
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Posted By: Anton -
Date: 5/11/2010 2:36:53 PM
8 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying


Excellent article,Becky.

Rapture Imminent.


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Posted By: David_Psalm91 -
Date: 5/11/2010 4:08:41 PM
5 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying

Comments: Becky, You have very accurately laid out the scenario for the post-rapture deception...People are looking for "extra-terrestrial" (aliens) when they should be looking at "inter-dimensional" (demonic deception)as the culprit! The Word of God clearly explains all this and the Holy Spirit led student of Prophecy can see thru all the deception by the Grace of God. Great article Becky! All the Glory to God! Praise the Lord!!! Jesus!!! David.
Reply # 4 - ReplyTo ID: 6088

Posted By: BeckyD -
Date: 5/11/2010 5:46:26 PM
7 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying


Yes, all the Glory to our King!  Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Shelley, thanks for providing those links.

Much love in Christ,


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Posted By: Alf -
Date: 5/11/2010 10:38:42 PM
4 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying


Very well written and lots of hard work on your part, Becky.

Peter goodgame touches upon this as well here:


In fact I was aware of much of this when I was a New Ager. Enlightened types such as Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Lucist Trust org do expect that "Mother Earth" will be cleansed from those who won't or cannot spiritually evolve. That'd be us - the fundamentalists.

Reply # 6 - ReplyTo ID: 6090

Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 5/12/2010 12:00:59 PM
10 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 7 PrayingPraying


I believe that "alien encounters" are most definitely demonic encounters and just another way Satan and his group of fallen angels deceive us humans. I also believe there was a more interactive role between this world and the spiritual world of fallen angels in ancient times, or just different. Maybe we are more deceived by material technology with electricity that has allowed computers to run just about every facet of our lives.

  I was at Fry’s electronics store a while back. The place has huge aquariums and has this theme of “The Lost City of Atlantis”. As I was walking around I was getting this vision that there really was once a very advanced civilization on earth. It was like it was a civilization very different from how we live our lives today. But none the less they were very advanced in their type of technology. A technology based on some kind of interaction with the spiritual realm and those forces. It was bizarre to say the least.

 I have never been quite right since my aunt introduced me to “Transcendental Meditation” at ten years old. That along with trying to become one with “god” by using mind altering substances and having out of body experiences has left me not quite in this world but not yet in the other either, LOL. But that said as Christians I guess that’s how we all are to some degree.

 Anyhow Becky, great article and I believe it is right on! I very much could relate to it.

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Posted By: BeckyD -
Date: 5/13/2010 7:27:04 AM
13 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying


Thanks, again for all of your comments.  God has given me such a blessing in all of you.