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Thursday, August 16, 2018   9:35:48 PM  
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The Day The World Said No
Posted By: Ed D.
6/28/2010 9:00:16 AM


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Member Comments:
Update: Paul Krugman, the administration's chief print and spend economic advisor, is offically predicting another Depression. In a New York Times article he says the following: "We are now, I fear, in the early stages of a third depression. It will probably look more like the Long Depression than the much more severe Great Depression. But the cost to the world economy and, above all, to the millions of lives blighted by the absence of jobs will nonetheless be immense. "...tens of millions of unemployed workers, many of whom will go jobless for years, and some of whom will never work again." How depressing.
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Posted By: NicoleBoedeker -
Date: 6/28/2010 10:18:37 AM
8 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying


God bless you, Ed and THANK YOU for telling the hard truth. As painful as it is to read, I am glad that Oscar and I are taking steps to be as financially secure as possible and thank God for our jobs that we do have. You are a blessing to us all in letting us know just what's going on.

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Posted By: Noreene -
Date: 6/28/2010 11:59:48 AM
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Yes, I agree with Nicole.  We are thankful to you for the truth..even though it isn't easy to digest, we know that you are telling it like it is.

Thanks Ed D

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Posted By: ShelleyMessenger -
Date: 6/28/2010 12:03:54 PM
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Thanks Ed,

I look forward to reading your "truthful" insights. 

God Bless,

Reply # 4 - ReplyTo ID: 6179

Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 6/30/2010 7:34:25 PM
6 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 4 PrayingPraying


"The U.S. will tell the G20 it agrees to the plan but will not honor its promise."

 And with that said what promise has Barack Hussein Obama II and his band of cronies kept that they have made? They would rather lie than tell the truth because they get off on it. They are truly sick as it gives them a sense of power and control. They use their lies to manipulate the masses, the oldest trick in the book.

 Great article Ed, there is no turning around this economy no matter what happens at this point.