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Monday, September 24, 2018   8:59:09 AM  
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Ode to Idiots
Posted By: FrankButler
7/8/2010 9:37:31 PM


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Very good article. We have many of those with the multiple letters next to their name at my department who are just like the crew in Washington. I guess we are living in some interesting times indeed.
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Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 7/11/2010 12:40:13 PM
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"TIIC"(city council) where I own my business recently have decided that we business owners who have neon signs will have to take them down even though they were code legal when we put them up. But get this; you can have a sign that says “OPEN” that is neon.

 I could spend a few grand on a new sign and make it out of LCD lights that would look just the same as the one I have, makes a lot of sense, geniuses run city hall. I have called code enforcement three times and politely told them how moronic and imbecilic their recent ruling is. (I did not even know those were real words, so I looked them up, they are, LOL) But they just pass the buck up to the ones who made the ruling (city council). They gave me the extension of the woman that was head of the recent decision but she was conveniently on vacation.

 My question to the people I did talk to was where do you people think the money comes from that pays your salaries?  I also told them have you happened to notice all the empty buildings around town? What looks worse, an empty commercial section of town or prosperous businesses with neon signs? I think “TIIC” are exactly what I said, moronic and imbecilic.

 I have been on vacation this past week but my manager went to the city council meeting with some other business owners, I will find out tomorrow what happened.  I remember when Sonny Bono tried to open a restaurant in the valley they gave him such a hard time he ran for mayor and won.  Not something I endeavor to do or capable of but I could see his point.  

 Our economy is nothing but a pyramid scheme that can never sustain itself for any extended period of time.  The pyramid is about to implode by its own unsustainable weight. But we know why and that is a good thing.

Anyhow, Becky, your article reminded me of my battle with city hall over my sign that helps people find my business. It really ticks me off because these people are messing with me and my family’s lively hood. What fools, as if the taxes I pay don’t pay their salaries?


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Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 7/13/2010 9:21:33 PM
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Today's Desert Sun news paper


 I'm REALLY not that fat, it's the wide angle lens.Frown

Misquote, I've been to THREE tea parties, not two.Tongue out Happens to me all the time, every time I'm quoted by the media they twist the facts.