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Saturday, September 22, 2018   5:13:19 AM  
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Rationalizing Evil
Posted By: FrankButler
7/16/2010 7:34:56 PM


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Member Comments:
I have seen irrational hatred of the Jewish race that some have for no reason at all. I have to say that if one hates Jewish people then I am fairly certain that one is not saved. I look at John 3:10 and it seems clear that if you hate your brother then you are not of God. Good article and thank you very much for taking the time to write.
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Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 7/18/2010 4:13:16 PM
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Hey, Lou, it was a bunch of “good old boys” that lynched Leo Frank. Read Beck’s article if you have not already.

I just posted this on Becky’s article so I thought I would post it here. Your articles really do go hand in hand regarding anti-Semitism.

“After reading Alf's article, Rationalizing Evil, I realize it really ties in, perfectly, with this one Becky wrote. Leo Frank’s murder or "lynching in the name of justice" was a perfect example of hatred toward one Jewish man.

 Whether it's one Jew, a group of Jews, or an entire nation, such as in Israel’s case--anti-Semitism and the pure abhorrence toward one race of people is blatantly evident. There is only one explanation: it’s rooted in the pit of hell.

  Another great article, Becky. I think you and Alf may be working together on a theme for your articles, LOL, or maybe it’s the Holy Spirit leading your writings. The latter is the obvious case.”

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Posted By: Lou -
Date: 7/18/2010 1:38:50 AM
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Outdid yourself on this one mate, ended up rading three times.

Did not want to print things without checking with you about it, but I encouter this level of hate and bigotry both from relatives and the "good old boys" who bring it with them out of the Southern states and out of the prisons, just certain that it will get worse until that day when such will find that Jesus has taken it all very personal, but for now can only rest in the fact that Jesus will square things for Israel and all who are scattered all over the world. There will be a reconing.

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Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 7/17/2010 10:33:14 AM
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Mankind hates the Jews because Satan hates the Jews. If Satan can wipe them out he thinks he can foil Gods plan, which always has been his plan since God chose to use them as the path of redemption.

  Every single person on the face of this earth that has not been born-again by the blood of Jesus Christ is a captive of Satan and a pawn to be used at his beck and call.

  Even Christians succumb to Satan’s pressure; look at the great reformer Martian Luther, he became so frustrated while trying to convert the Jews he later wrote that they could not be saved. Or at least began to think that. He wrote “The Jews and Their Lies” that Hitler later used to justify their mass murder.

  Hey, Mel Gibson when he’s had too much to drink can’t keep his mouth shut about his hatred of the Jews and I believe Mel is a believer.

  It’s all a spiritual battle being played out behind the scenes but right before our eyes. That statement sounds like an oxymoron.LOL

 Great article Alf, keep up the good work, you’re a light in a dark world.