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Thursday, September 20, 2018   3:18:54 AM  
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Tilí the Ink Dries Do Us Part
Posted By: DanDapper
12/22/2010 10:09:05 PM


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I was driving around today in the pouring rain in seek of a new pressure washer that I could hook up to a jetter pipe cleaner I have.I hooked up the one I have and it was already broken, only after about ten hours of use.(Kracher,piece of junk, NEVER buy one!) My backyard is flooded and my drains are clogged. Such is life! Anyhow, while I was on the road I had Fox News on satellite radio. Megyn Kelly was filling in for Billy O. She was saying how Gene Simmons kissed her hand and "Now she could die." I was thinking, Megyn, the guy is a total scum bag! You have no idea! I knew about how he brags about sleeping with two thousand women.BTW,I saw KISS the first time they ever toured. I was fifteen. They were the warm up band.No one knew anything about them. We loved them. Gene was a fire breathing blood spitting freak show. Thank God I grew up! Anyhow, Megyn came back on and said how Gene Simmons has categorized and photographed being with over five thousand women. Megyn later said, "If I would have known that I would have never let him KISS my hand." At least Megyn later saw the snake for what he is. I liked the movie Pretty Women.I also liked American Gigolo, also with Richard Gere. Love Blondie music, she was one of the first rappers. But you're absolutely right,Becky, it's all an evil ploy to desensitize us by Satan himself.Hook line and sinker.I know, I'm rambling on about a bunch of nothing, just thank Jesus we belong to Him Becky! Merry Christmas! Thank you Jesus for dying and hanging on the Cross just for me!

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Posted By: ShelleyMessenger -
Date: 12/23/2010 9:31:21 AM
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Hi Becky and Dan.

First Dan, I will be praying that the rain will let up for you, in Calif.  Have been thinking of you, knowing that is where you live. 

I agree totally, that things have changed so much.  It really is sad, and people do seem numb to it all.  I was born in 1954, and can't help but notice, how television shows, music and movies have gotten pretty bad. Ron and I, don't watch much on television anymore.  I also liked Pretty Woman; but I tend to see it in a little different "light" nowadays.  Kind of like you wrote about Becky.  The storyline was touching; but the characters? Then again, wasn't it Hosea, who married a prostitute?  Just thought of that.

Anyway, getting back to old shows and movies. I used to love this show, when I was a kid.  If you check a couple of them out, look at some of the comments.  People who think the way we do (whether Christian or not), that times were so different then.  It makes one realize that this world has got to end soon.  How much worse can it get, before the Tribulation?  We know that the Tribulation will be like pure hell; but there doesn't seem to be any way that this world could turn around (before then) and go back to the way it used to be.

This link is to the old television show "What's My Line?".  Of course there were scandals even then; but they weren't flaunted.  I guess it boils down to, man is sinful throughout all generations.  And nobody can fix it, EXCEPT JESUS!

Thanks for the commentary, Becky.  It is good to ponder these things. And it helps us see just how far we have come, and how close the Rapture must be. Praise God!


God Bless, and Merry Christmas.

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Posted By: BeckyD -
Date: 12/23/2010 10:46:37 AM
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LaughingThanks, Dan & Shelley.  Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas as well!!! 

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Posted By: Martha -
Date: 12/23/2010 11:20:52 AM
7 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 6 PrayingPraying


Hi Becky,

I haven't been posting much recently but your article touched me very personally.  In recent months, as my own divorce progresses, I have found out more and more what a blatently sinful world this is.  My husband's mistress (our personal secretary) divorced her husband because of my husband (adultry was the charge).  A horrible lawsuit resulted, drawing in both families.  I was kept in the dark and what little I knew my husband lied about and I believed because I loved and trusted him (we have been married almost 50 yrs.).

His mistress is very active in her church.  Her daughter is studying to be a missionary, her youngest daughter went overseas last summer as a missionary.  She in fact, gave her church as a reference when we hired her.  Since my husband is not a believer, she and I have had many conversations about his salvation.  He kept telling me how he considered her like a daughter.  She is the same age as our children and her children are our grandchildren's age.  I knew they were close friends, but never dreamed it was anything more.  I told her many times that I hoped she could lead him to Christ because she was the only one he would talk about God with.  She has been working for us almost 8 years.

I found out this summer thaat they have been having a sexual relationship for over 7 years.  They have lied to and betrayed their families, friends, and God.  When I was attending our gathering at Jack's he was traveling with her. There is much, much more that they have done, but this is enough for you to get the picture. And the saddest part is that they say that they have no remorse and feel justified because they are "soul mates". They even go to church together.

Our world is truly going crazy.  Evil is so rampant that we don't even notice it unless it touches us personally or is so horrible we can't bear it.  We are being conditioned to accept more and more evil in our lives and consider it normal.  It is much like Germany in the 30's & 40's except now it is the whole world.  Even our churches are turning their backs on God's word.