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Sunday, March 18, 2018   11:09:21 AM  
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And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
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Jews, God and the Nobel Prize
Posted By: Danman
5/17/2012 1:10:20 PM


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10 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 12 PrayingPraying

Member Comments:
Dear J.L., No one needs to look any further than the Bible or Torah either. Maranatha!
Reply # 1 - ReplyTo ID: 8133

Posted By: Anton -
Date: 5/17/2012 3:15:21 PM
16 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 11 PrayingPraying


Thanks Jerry.Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the national redemption of Israel.


Reply # 2 - ReplyTo ID: 8134

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 5/17/2012 3:19:26 PM
9 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 7 PrayingPraying


That is true.

Reply # 3 - ReplyTo ID: 8135

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 5/17/2012 3:19:45 PM
11 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 9 PrayingPraying


Me too, Anton!

Reply # 4 - ReplyTo ID: 8136

Posted By: GaleWare -
Date: 5/17/2012 3:39:52 PM
12 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 8 PrayingPraying


Mr. Robb:  When will Part 2 be ready?  I'm waiting patiently, I think.  After reading the OL this morning, the time is getting shorter and shorter. I know our Father will take care of Israel, but we still need to pray for them.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Bless you.


Reply # 5 - ReplyTo ID: 8137

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 5/17/2012 8:00:18 PM
7 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 9 PrayingPraying


Gale... Book Two should be in print by July (hope we make it til thdn... sometimes I wonder with this prez that we have). The eBook will be available sooner.

Reply # 6 - ReplyTo ID: 8140

Posted By: Martha E -
Date: 5/18/2012 2:48:49 PM
9 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 8 PrayingPraying


humanity owes much to israel for all the medical and science they have discovered and invented. they also gave us the word - living and written! 

i am so glad to see jeff made it!

thanks for another great article - it would be great to see cancer wiped out as a disease.

Reply # 7 - ReplyTo ID: 8144

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 5/18/2012 3:54:04 PM
9 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 10 PrayingPraying


Yes, Jeffrey did make it, as did the world; but a lot of stuff is going on!!