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Wednesday, August 15, 2018   8:04:07 PM  
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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
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Tensions Boil as Israeli Oil Riches Grow
Posted By: Anton
6/25/2012 3:41:30 PM


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18 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 17 PrayingPraying

Member Comments:
Whew!This is a lot to digest,thanks Ed.Trouble brewing is what I sense.
Reply # 1 - ReplyTo ID: 10482

Posted By: pete -
Date: 11/7/2013 3:03:39 AM
15 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 19 PrayingPraying



Who are the "Palestinians"?  Do you mean the Jordanians?  Egyptians?  Arabs?  When did Palestine become an ethnicity?  When did they become a nation?

Even Arafat was not a "Palestenian", but was Egyptian. 

At one time, there was "Palestinian Jews and Arabs", but that applied to the area, not an ethnic identity.  That name as you already know, came from the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who renamed it Palestina after the Bah Kokhba revolt in 135 AD as a punishment.

Reply # 2 - ReplyTo ID: 10479

Posted By: DavidJordan2013113 -
Date: 11/6/2013 2:56:55 PM
20 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 21 PrayingPraying

Comments: From what I have read, the oil discoveries are on Palestinian land, not Israeli land.
Reply # 3 - ReplyTo ID: 8323

Posted By: DanDapper -
Date: 6/27/2012 1:26:53 PM
18 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 14 PrayingPraying


John Brown and the stock holders in Zion oil & gas I guess missed the boat. I almost bought it once at 5.00 and right after that it doubled. I was bummed I didn't, but now it's at 1.60. Maybe Zion will be able to find a productive well here soon. Maybe it would not be a bad time to buy some stock in Zion, but that said I will take the Rapture over getting rich any day! Excellent Article Ed!!!!

Reply # 4 - ReplyTo ID: 8317

Posted By: DaleWarford -
Date: 6/26/2012 11:43:06 AM
19 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 17 PrayingPraying

Comments: Hey hey!! Can anyone recite Ezekiel 38 or put it to song?

Top notch Ed!
Reply # 5 - ReplyTo ID: 8316

Posted By: Paula -
Date: 6/26/2012 10:23:09 AM
20 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 17 PrayingPraying


Thank you for this detailed analysis.  It sure added to my understanding, and I appreciate it! 

Reply # 6 - ReplyTo ID: 8315

Posted By: DeborahForster -
Date: 6/25/2012 4:11:00 PM
16 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 19 PrayingPraying


Hal Lindsey has been saying for years that big time oil will be discovered in Israel.  This will also be a reason for China's 200 million army to cross the Euphrates.  We're getting closer....