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Thursday, September 20, 2018   2:35:13 PM  
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Of Ballrooms and Borders
Posted By: Mark R
7/23/2013 10:21:37 AM


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Member Comments:
I pray we would have the good sense to back Israel. In the past, one could argue that we needed the OPEC nations to be viable trading partners due to our oil needs.

With the Bakken and other oil reserves, potential to build canadian pipeline, etc. we can leverage the Middle east nations as never before if we had the mind to.

Also the "peace process' is a diversion to the 800 pound gorillas ransacking the room...the outcome of the Syrian crisis and the Iranian nuclear threat. Those issues are the triggers for the "big show(s)" that down the road and coming into view.
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Posted By: Greg S/CG -
Date: 7/24/2013 11:34:51 AM
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America is working to bring peace, Not what's best for Israel, Not in the least. peace at any price Is what I see from Kerry.

Israel is surrounded by enemies, Enemies who are using the palestinian people as a tool, no one should think for a second those enemies are interested in the well being of palestinians.There only interested in using them to weaken Israel. So this is all for show, one thing that foreshadows this wall of smoke and mirrors is Iran, which, according to Netanyahu, is just weeks away from crossing Israel's red line and Israel honors promises it makes concerning its red lines, unlike Obama, a red line to Obama is just a word. If Israel strikes Iran all bets are off! The peace talks will evaporate into thin air.

Im skeptical of a peace because there will only be one peace treaty and thats the one on the table today, just not in its final draft. I don't see a charismatic man of peace with all the right answers around today, It sure isn't Kerry,  so I'm confident this treaty isn't going anywhere. But, If by some freak chance Kerry gets that treaty signed for 7 years, well that changes everything for the Jews, for us and for Kerry.

Just my two cents worth,

Wendy, Great article, as always, you point our hearts and minds in the right direction.


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Posted By: WendyWippel -
Date: 7/23/2013 9:22:05 PM
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Thanks, DallasDon, for catching my typo-- you are correct, it is 9 miles, not 90 miles, wide at the worst point, which is totally incredible when you think about. it.  And I agree, Mark-- it's just smoke and mirrors that tries to hid the fact that our foreign policy has been nonsensical for about five years now.

But we know God's got Israel's back. It's us who should be a little worried, since Joel said that the nations will be judge for dividing up the land.

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Posted By: DanForeman -
Date: 7/23/2013 8:52:33 PM
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Comments: Thanks for the great article. It gives me more understanding of what is going on.
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Posted By: LindaM -
Date: 7/23/2013 5:21:47 PM
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Thank you, Wendy, for explaining and expounding on this issue.  Can't say as I've read it anywhere else as well as from you.  (Agreeing with DDon!)

Agreeing with YOU about The LORD...The Truth-Giver/Speaker.  I love His "It is written (s)", Halleluyah!


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Posted By: DallasDon -
Date: 7/23/2013 10:22:35 AM
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Comments: I appreciate that as a molecular biologist, you are able to zoom in to the smallest particle of truth and educate readers as to the challenges facing Israel. May I point out that the "Auschwitz borders" that would result if Israel gives up her land east of the "green line" would result in an Israel that is less than nine miles wide at her narrowest point - which is also closest to the main population centers. Maybe we should call them instead "genocide borders" - but that may not help, since we all know how quickly the world comes to the aid of those threatened by genocide.