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Monday, September 24, 2018   9:54:07 PM  
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Ding Dong, The Witness Is Dead
Posted By: Greg S/CG
11/5/2015 10:44:10 AM


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1000 years ago this Revelation was horrific! 100 years ago it wasn't believable, In 1948 it became a real possibility, hard to believe but still suddenly Israel was back in the world and now the Book of Danial and Revelations was back on the table. Today its not a possibility it is assured. We can see whats written in scripture, place it with what we see today, add that to what we know of science and see this happening. Oh yes, This is going to happen. No doubt about it. I accept that 15 maybe even 20 years are a possibility, We are seeing things now that make us stand on end but we are seeing there beginnings. They need a little time to come to fruit. 1 day on the short end 20 years on the long end is my guess. Thats a real big window but Ive found its better when guessing to fix a time in your mind double that then add 10 years. Considering 10 years ago I was sure in 10 years we would be in tribulaton my formula gives us 20 more years to go.  or a day. I sure hope its a day
Good Post, Very good.

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Posted By: Unknown -
Date: 11/8/2015 3:37:08 PM
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Comments: This would make for a terrific sci-fi disaster movie...IF it weren't so tragic and destined to come true. I fear for those left behind and continue to wait, watch and listen. Great novels, Jerry!
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Posted By: MichaelMerola -
Date: 11/5/2015 8:42:24 PM
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Comments: Shoot, Mr. Jerry you talk about Revelation 16? I would have stopped when the Locust come out of the abyss, sting people who will long for death but can't find it for 5 months. Walking Dead anyone? When that show came out, I doubt anyone would have gone where I did, but how hard would it be to believe it when people who, by all accounts should be dead but are not? I can head Rick Grimes yelling "Carl...Carl!!!!" as I am typing this.
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Posted By: Kerry -
Date: 11/5/2015 5:34:29 PM
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Great article Jerry! I'm glad we'll all be either raptured or already dead by the time these bowl judgements are unleashed. I wouldn't make it past the first one! Let alone all of the trumpet and scroll judgements. I never claimed to be a tough guy Tongue out

And I agree with that exact timeframe Greg! I don't see how this planet can make more than another 20 years given the pace we're on.

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Posted By: Anton -
Date: 11/5/2015 12:46:29 PM
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Excellent article,Jerry!Soon and very soon.