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Tuesday, March 20, 2018   12:03:37 AM  
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Sarah Josepha Hale: The Mother of Thanksgiving
Posted By: JudithShell
11/26/2015 8:10:29 AM


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5 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying

Member Comments:
Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and all the Omega Letter family. You all are such a blessing, and I give thanks to God for your ministry.
Reply # 1 - ReplyTo ID: 13191

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 11/28/2015 9:16:22 AM
1 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ 1 PrayingPraying

Comments: I hope that all of my Omega Letter family had a blessed and appetite-quenching Thanksgiving! God bless you and your strong faith.
Reply # 2 - ReplyTo ID: 13190

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 11/28/2015 9:14:41 AM
1 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying


Thanks for sending Greg. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Reply # 3 - ReplyTo ID: 13188

Posted By: Greg -
Date: 11/28/2015 4:31:50 AM
Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying

Comments: http://wtop.com/virginia/2015/11/virginias-forgotten-thanksgiving-story/slide/1/
Reply # 4 - ReplyTo ID: 13187

Posted By: MichaelMerola -
Date: 11/27/2015 9:41:19 PM
1 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying

Comments: Truth be told Mr. Jerry, leftovers are the bestest part of the Thanksgiving feast...especially the soup about 3 days later. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me and mine!
Reply # 5 - ReplyTo ID: 13186

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 11/27/2015 8:18:21 AM
Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying


Well, I'm burping turkey about every 15 minutes if that tells you anything. And today it's left overs, which I love!! Thanks for reading all my stuff the past few years.  J

Reply # 6 - ReplyTo ID: 13184

Posted By: TrudyBooker -
Date: 11/26/2015 6:49:22 PM
3 Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying


Happy Thanksgiving Jerry!!!!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful one!

Reply # 7 - ReplyTo ID: 13183

Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 11/26/2015 8:34:24 AM
Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying


Thank you Judith. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.