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Saturday, September 22, 2018   11:01:43 AM  
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Plague: Now or Later?
Posted By: TrudyBooker
6/2/2016 10:20:12 AM


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Great Jerry! We have an adopted  granddaughter with a form of autism. She is not real bad, but still problems! She has her times of being sweet and other times she is not so great. I only do blood pressure medicine, but sometimes think I am losing it! Guess it could be age! Ha!!! I think the rapture is extremely close at hand, and I am ready anytime! Keep up the good work. God Bless!!

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Posted By: Martha E -
Date: 6/2/2016 11:14:04 AM
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i remember the days of polio and i can remember lining up in the hallway of school to get the polio vaccine. i think i was in third grade.  i also remember kids dying from it and some stuck in the old iron lung machine.

the bugs are getting worse for sure.  there is an anti vaccine movement.  all those diseases you talk about are awful and i can see them coming back. especially with so many illegals that for sure have not been vaccinated against anything.  jesus must be close to coming for us. god bless.

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Posted By: RichardMann2016520 -
Date: 6/2/2016 12:45:29 PM
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Comments: Interesting times to be alive.
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Posted By: MichaelMerola -
Date: 6/2/2016 9:49:57 PM
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Comments: Sorry Mr. Jerry, but I have to disagree with you on this one. The refusal of the vaccines are not the real issue...the hoardes of South/Central American illegals, in conjunction with the "refugees" of the Middle East are the reason for the plagues resurfacing today, and I DEFY ANYONE to refute that. The loosely disguised INVASION from both aforementioned groups that are being portrayed as a refugee crisis is completely causal of the resurgence of diseases that were IRADICATED from the U.S. not long ago. Please don't buy into the Lamestream media B.S. The boarders of this country BOTH North and South should have been closed long ago. I will say this in defense of that last statement...I am U.S. born of Italian and Serbian/Ukranian parents. If the countries North and South of the U.S. were any of those three, I would STILL say the borders should have been closed. Christian or not, reality is reality. Anything other than that is just pouring gasolione on the fire of the Leftist liberals who want to blame the "closed minded, bigoted "Christian extremists Islamophobe/Xenophobe white guys for the problem. Sorry for venting, but I really believe this.
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Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 6/4/2016 9:59:28 AM
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Thanks. I am a member of Civitan International and our focus is autism, ADHD and brain trauma. I have seen some amazing things from autistic children. Here is one example: https://youtu.be/jVqRT_kCOLI

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Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 6/4/2016 10:02:09 AM
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I grew up also during the polio epidemic and was one of the first to get vaccinated. If it wasn't for that epidemic I probably would not be writing about the end times. My parents sent from NC to Georgia in 1952 to live a year with my aunt and uncle. I went back every summer after that and that is where I discovered the Book of Revelation at age 10.

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Posted By: JLRobb -
Date: 6/4/2016 10:07:13 AM
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A lot of what you say I agree with, except mosquitos, fleas and ticks know no borders. Mosquitos can get blown to other continents which is how malaria got so out of hand. For airborne disease, it only takes one person, especially if the disease has a long incubation period. I am really beginning to believe the devil is at work in this disease thing. Like he convinced our parents into letting God get kicked out of school, he is now convincing many to never take a vaccine. If that happens, here comes polio and smallpox and a whole load of other bugs.