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Thursday, September 20, 2018   1:41:45 AM  
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Zephaniah  3 : 9
For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.
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New Turkey - New Friends
Posted By: Gracemer
8/26/2016 10:42:46 AM


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I recall years ago when Dr. Gene Scott was teaching from the book of Daniel on the kings of the north and the south. He said that the last days scenario requires that a "hawk" be the leader of Egypt, not a peacemaker. Well, the hawk has landed. I'm afraid, yet not afraid, at the rapidity with which the prophetic scenario is unfolding. Let's set our hearts and minds on the love and faithfulness of our God and know that He is in control of every last detail; He has numbered the hairs on the heads of every last one of us. He knows us as individuals. We're not just the church. We're Jack and Wendy and Alf and Jerry and Rob and Pete (add your name here). I also know I haven't done enough-it's like I'm sleepwalking through the events I've waited for my entire Christian life and I'm still not roused to take strong action. Let's pray for one another.
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Posted By: ShelleyB -
Date: 8/26/2016 3:32:01 PM
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Indeed, let's pray for one another. I am getting so weary of all the sad/horrific/unbelievable end times news that I have been a puddle of tears these last few days. I would like to take a break, but feel surrounded (personal circumstances aren't that great, either, (and I'm sure many OA readers are in the same boat). I do hope He comes soon to take us home. I have shared the gospel and handed out tracts for years but am even finding this hard. God have mercy and deliver us from evil. 

Thank you, Alf. It does appear we are getting very close. How long with this Ez. alliance hold together? Perhaps just long enough. We can hope. And pray.


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Posted By: Gracemer -
Date: 8/27/2016 11:26:38 AM
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Comments: I'm getting old...it's Egypt, not Turkey that has to have a warmonger in power.
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Posted By: Greg S/CG -
Date: 8/30/2016 1:52:26 PM
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Ive been watching Turkey very closely since 2006. Back then Turkey was a nice Nato member, Nothing close to what it was predicted to become. Here we are today and these last 10 years everything changed. So we see in Pete's latest article how evil has grown in the world and here in Alfs Turkey has changed right along with it. Pete mentioned we are living in the age of Information I think we are about to enter the Age of deception.

I  have doubts about a Psalm 83 war. This idea made sense when there was a dangerous Syria on the verge of attacking Israel but now Syria is gutted and no danger to Israel. It explains why Ezekiel left Syria out of the line up of nations in the Gog war. The Lord of course new what was going to happen to Syria. We did not, we only new something was going to happen to remove Syria from the Gog alliance. So folks found a Psalm (prayer) that hinted of an Israeli war that would kill off Syria. But like always when man goes to predicting future events man is wrong. The Idea sure sold a ton of DVD's though. I even bought one or two from Bill.  Whats happeing  with Turkey is mind boggling and the world ignoring it just makes it even more amazing to see. We are sitting in the front row for this one folks. 

Alf you right on top of things, great article. You and Pete on on fire this week.