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The future looks bright: light pollution rises on a global scale
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The world is getting brighter, but scientists say that may not be a good thing.

Scientists solve the mystery of America's scuba-diving fly
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A small fly that thrives at an inhospitable California lake east of Yosemite National Park long has perplexed observers who watch as it crawls into the severely salty and alkaline water, snacks on some algae or lays some eggs, then emerges dry as a desert.

U.S. approves digital pill that tracks when patients take it
(Reuters) - U.S. regulators have approved the first digital pill with an embedded sensor to track if patients are taking their medication properly, marking a significant step forward in the convergence of healthcare and technology.

Drinking age: oldest evidence of wine-making found near Tbilisi
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Oenophiles take note: 5980 BC was a very good year for wine.

Eurek-baa: Scientists find sheep can recognize human faces
LONDON (Reuters) - Sheep have been trained to recognize the faces of celebrities, including former U.S. President Barack Obama, by University of Cambridge scientists who hope it may help with understanding neurodegenerative diseases.

Exploring Egypt's Great Pyramid from the inside, virtually
PARIS (Reuters) - A team of scientists who last week announced the discovery of a large void inside the Great Pyramid of Giza have created a virtual-reality tour that allows users to 'teleport' themselves inside the structure and explore its architecture.

Going ape: new orangutan species identified in Sumatra
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have identified a new species of great ape on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, finding that a small population of orangutans inhabiting its Batang Toru forest merits recognition as the third species of these shaggy reddish tree dwellers.

Cosmic-ray imaging finds hidden structure in Egypt's Great Pyramid

Fossil footprints reveal existence of big early dinosaur predator

Mystery space object may be first confirmed interstellar visitor