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Rudy Giuliani: Netanyahu has obligation to deliver address to Congress

“If I were him, I would make the speech,” former New York mayor tells the 'Post.'

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Hamas ready to cooperate with Iran 'to destroy Israeli occupation'

Remarks by leader of Palestinian Islamist group come amid reports that Hamas and Iran have agreed to restore their relations.

Ethiopian-Israeli rapper featured in documentary killed by car bomb in Rehovot

Maharat was featured in the movie “Shchorim” which depicts day to day life in the predominantly Ethiopian-Israeli neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe.

The hidden US message to Israel behind the leaked reports of the Mughniyeh assassination

Besides the message for the people of Israel and for Netanyahu, the media reports of the joint Mossad-CIA mission also serve Israeli security interests.

Jewish fraternity in California defaced with swastikas after BDS resolution passes

The incident comes only two days after a divestment resolution was passed at the school.

American employee of Israeli defense firm Elbit mysteriously dies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi authorities say Chris Cramer committed suicide, but family insists he was murdered.

Updated: 2/1/2015 4:03:22 PM