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Watch: UNESCO votes on contested Jerusalem resolution

It was presumed from the outset that the 21-member World Heritage Committee would approve the resolution, particularly given its unfriendly roster of states.

Azaria trial: 'If IDF had run the scene properly, shooting would never have happened'

Azaria is on trial for manslaughter for shooting Sharif in the head after the Palestinian had already been neutralized by two soldiers whom he attacked.

US lawmakers criticize upcoming UNESCO committee vote on Jerusalem

US lawmakers to UNESCO: "This proposed resolution is yet another attempt to rewrite history by denying Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem."

UNESCO resolution is a 'disgrace to intelligent people,' says Temple Mount archeologist

It’s a deplorable decision, which ignores historical and archeological facts, as well as Christian ties to the site, says Gabriel Barkay.

Trump advisor on Israel denies antisemitic sentiment among supporters

“The danger in the US is on the left, not on the right.”

60 years later, massacre by border policemen still haunts Kafr Kasim

Leaders say apologizing for 48 people killed is not enough.

A 32-year-old Jewish billionaire tops Clinton donor roll

Democrats unclear if billionaire spending is pro-Clinton or anti-Trump.

Updated: 10/26/2016 4:16:40 AM