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PM vows to rail against Iran deal, even after proverbial ‘fat lady’ sings

US President Obama secured enough votes this week to sustain a veto of the nuclear agreement in Congress, yet Netanyahu promises to continue to fight against it. Is there a method to his moves?

Herzog: Jews cannot be 'indifferent' to the plight of refugees

"I call on the Israeli government to carry out a process of absorbing refugees from Syria," said Herzog on Saturday, hours after Germany and Austria open their borders to thousands of migrants.

French voters compare Zionism to 'Nazism, Jihadism,' public opinion poll shows

"Zionism is seen as an “extremist movement that is uncompromising and aggressively pursues its goals... and French Jews should refrain from using mentioning "Zionism" to non-Jews," advised CRIF.

EU initiative: Arab countries to join Quartet in bid to restart Israel-Palestinian talks

Mogherini sees chance for EU diplomacy in absence of new push from Washington as Obama approaches the end of his final term.

ISIS blows up more monuments at Syria's Palmyra

UNESCO calls the destruction a war crime.

Saudi Arabia: Iran deal will contribute to Middle East security and stability

Obama meets with Saudi King Salman in Washington; Saudi FM says Obama assured king that agreement prevents Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Mazel Tov! MK Michael Oren congratulates nephew on joining cast of SNL

"I am proud and thrilled that my nephew Jon Rudnitsky has been selected to join the cast of one of America's premier comedy shows, Saturday Night Live," Oren announced on his personal Facebook page.

Updated: 9/5/2015 6:07:09 AM